Nexomon Wiki

Basic Information[]

Ballery is a Water-type Nexomon which evolves into Sliffery at level 23 and Bogarp at level 47.



Tackle - Normal - Strike your opponent with a full-body tackle. 7 ST cost

Splash - Water - A fast and reliable water attack. 7 ST cost

Smash - Normal - Attack your opponent with a reliable attack. 10 ST cost

Frost Bite - Water - Bite your opponent to freeze them on the spot. 9 ST cost

Elemental Drain - Normal - Absorb an opponent's elemental power. 5 ST cost

Ice Assault - Water - Pelt your opponent with a relentless icicle attack that inflicts freeze. 11 ST cost

Meditate - Normal - Meditate to increase elemental power. 5 ST cost

Turbulent Flow - Water - Create a turbulent flow of water at your opponent's location. 11 ST cost

Energy Blast - Normal - Cast a focused blast of energy at your opponent. 15 ST cost