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Gnob is a Mineral-type Nexomon that does not evolve.


Gnob can be found around Hilda's Domain, The Nether, and within the Mountain Pass cave.

Skill Tree[]

Type Skill Description Level


Normal Punch Punch your opponent with a powerful blow. 1 8 ST
Normal Slam Slam your opponent to the ground using this attack. 4 12 ST
Mineral Rock Punch A mighty rock punch that confuses your opponent 7 11
Normal Choke Bind your opponents on the spot with this powerful physical attack. 10 7 ST
Mineral Ground Slam Slam enemy Nexomon to the ground with a powerful strike 13 12
Normal Tackle Tackle your opponent using your Nexomon's body. 20 7 ST
Mineral Seismic Move Invoke an earthquake that shakes the battlefield 22 14
Normal Drill Pierce through opponent's defenses with a drill 29 10
Mineral Crushing Boulder A giant boulder that impacts an opponent. Lowers target attack power 37 13



Gnob may be based on a goblin.

Name Origin[]

Gnob is a combination of gnaw or gnome and goblin.