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Nexomon Introduction

Nexomon is a game where you catch, evolve, and collect over 300 unique Nexomon! Assemble the ultimate Nexomon team to save your friends and save the world! Clash against legendary champions and become a hero in this epic journey!

Nexomon: Extinction is the second installment in the Nexomon series, complete with a brand new story, eccentric characters and over 300 new & unique Nexomon to trap and tame!

Nexomon is a role playing game developed and published by VEWO Interactive Inc.


The Nexomon world during the events of the first Nexomon game.

Nexomon takes place in a fantasy world inhabited by humans and filled with powerful creatures known as Nexomon. Humans who tame these Nexomon are called Nexomon Tamers. The Nexolord rules over all Nexomon Tamers and all other humans.

The current Nexolord holds the entire world hostage under his power and control. With his four powerful Champions, the current Nexolord maintains his regime of terror over all. Human Overseers are appointed in each known town and city to maintain the current Nexolord's control, carry out the current Nexolord's whims, and to root out any resistance against the current Nexolord's rule.

During these dark times, there are whispers of a growing resistance against the current Nexolord's despotic reign. Even darker still are the rumors surrounding the current Nexolord's schemes. Rumors of the return of an ancient evil once defeated and sealed away by humanity's hero who has long since perished.

Welcome, young Tamer, to the world of Nexomon.


The player takes control of the protagonist who can be male or female depending on the player's choice. The player can also choose the appearance of the player's in-game avatar. The gameplay in Nexomon is inspired by the Pokemon series of games. Exploration and interacting with the game world takes place in an overhead style wherein the player's character moves in four directions. The player character can talk to NPCs and interact with different objects scattered around the world. Players can encounter Nexomon by walking in tall grass, walking through caves and other similar areas, or even by fishing in certain areas. When players encounter these Nexomon, the player can defeat the opposing Nexomon in order to earn experience points for their own Nexomon. Players can also gain experience by encountering other Nexomon Tamers who will initiate a Nexomon battle once the player enters their field of view. Nexomon Tamers who want to battle are indicated by the boxing gloves icon appearing in a speech bubble above the NPCs head.

When the player encounters a Nexomon or battles another Nexomon Tamer, the game shifts into a battle screen view wherein the player's Nexomon appear on the front-left portion of the screen while the opponent's Nexomon appear on the back-right portion of the screen. The relevant stats and information of the battling Nexomon are shown above the battling Nexomon. These stats and information include the Nexomon's name and level, the Nexomon's health represented by HP points, the Nexomon's stamina represented by ST points, Status Effect indicators such as bind, paralysis, and burn, and a Nexotrap indicator to show whether the player has previously captured the opposing Nexomon. During Nexomon battles, the player can choose between multiple options. The player can choose to:

  1. Use a Nexomon's moves by clicking the corresponding move icon. Each Nexomon can only bring up to four moves per fight which have different effects and types. A max of four moves means there is a max of four move icons which appear on the bottom left portion of the screen. Selecting each move icon will display a brief description of the move, a type indicator showing the move's element, as well as the selected move's stats which are:
    • ACC or Accuracy, representing the move's chances to hit the targeted Nexomon.
    • ATK or Attack Power, representing how much damage a move does against the opposing Nexomon.
    • ST or Stamina Cost, representing how much stamina points the move needs to be performed. When the Nexomon has zero or insufficient stamina to perform a move, the Nexomon will instead rest for one turn which restores some stamina.
  2. Use an item from the player's bag by clicking the Bag icon. Items are either bought from the item store or picked up from the game world. Items have different effects such as healing a Nexomon's health, restoring a Nexomon's stamina, or removing a Status Effect.
  3. Change the active Nexomon using the Team icon. A Nexomon Tamer can only bring up to six Nexomon at any given time.
  4. Run away from the battle using the Run Icon. Running away is prohibited during Nexomon battles with other Nexomon Tamers and in certain story encounters.
  5. Capture the opposing Nexomon using the Nexotrap icon at the bottom center of the screen. The player can use Nexotraps in order to capture Nexomon. Nexotraps can be bought from the item store or picked up from the game world. The player cannot use Nexotraps on another Nexomon Tamer's Nexomon.

A Nexomon faints when it hits 0 HP, forcing the Nexomon's trainer to switch out to another Nexomon. Once a Nexomon Tamer runs out of Nexomon, the battle is over. Winning a Nexomon battle or encounter grants the participating Nexomon with experience points. Non-participating Nexomon can also gain experience when certain items are activated by the player.

Sufficient experience points causes a Nexomon to level up which improves the Nexomon's stats, sometimes grants the Nexomon a new move, and fully restores the Nexomon's health and stamina points. Some Nexomon evolve into a more powerful form when they reach a certain level. A Nexomon's evolution can be cancelled by pressing the Cancel button while the Nexomon is evolving. However, there is no benefit in cancelling a Nexomon's evolution.

Throughout the game, more game mechanics are unlocked by the player. Warp Totems are later made available, providing fast travel throughout the Nexomon world. At a certain point, qualified Nexomon can undergo the Rebirth ritual which reverts the Nexomon back to Level 5 and to its initial evolution but makes them stronger through increased stat-gains every time they level up. Reborn Nexomon are indicated by a purple star at the right side of their banner.

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