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Omnicron is the ultimate antagonist of Nexomon. Omnicron is a Normal-type Nexomon who is the legendary King of Monsters and the father of all Nexomon. His goal was to eradicate all of humanity and create a world solely ruled by Nexomon.

Omnicron has seven children. They are, from oldest to youngest:

  1. Grunda of the Earth, the first child of Omnicron.
  2. Ventra of the Almighty Tempest, the second child of Omnicron.
  3. Fona of the Undying Fire, the third child of Omnicron.
  4. Nara of the Forest, the fourth child of Omnicron.
  5. Arqua of the Bottomless Oceans, the fifth child of Omnicron.
  6. Luxa of the Blasting Lightning, the sixth child of Omnicron.
  7. Metta, the seventh child of Omnicron.

omnicron does not evolve.

Before Nexomon[]

All was well in the Human World when out of nowhere, a vortex suddenly appeared. Out of the terrifying vortex came powerful and mysterious creatures that were nothing like anything the humans had ever seen before. These beings would subsequently be called by the humans as the Nexomon. The Nexomon were led by a powerful being who identified himself as the King and Father of all Nexomon. His name was Omnicron, and together with his seven children, Omnicron led his Nexomon armies against the humans in what was known as the Nexomon-Human War. However, not all of Omnicron's children would support him in his goal to eradicate all humanity and create a world solely ruled by Nexomon. Omnicron's fourth child, Nara of the Forest, sided with the Humans, believing that humans and Nexomon are capable of co-existing peacefully. This caused Omnicron to disown Nara as his child.

Despite the power and influence of Omnicron upon the souls of all Nexomon, the humans were successful in befriending some of the Nexomon. These humans would be referred to as Nexomon Tamers. This event would prove to be the turning point of the Nexomon-Human War as the Nexomon Tamers would use Omnicron's own children against him. One of these Nexomon Tamers was the human known as Ulzar, referred to as the very first Nexomon Tamer. Ulzar would ultimately bring about humanity's victory when he defeated Omnicron's children one by one. Inevitably, Omnicron's defeat was brought about when Ulzar finally defeated Omnicron in a site in the Frozen Tundra, upon which the Nexolord Tower was built. While Ulzar was victorious, the victory was bittersweet as Omnicron revealed to Ulzar a forbidden truth: "All Nexomon are inherently evil." Omnicron explained that since he's the father, king, and origin of all Nexomon, all Nexomon share Omnicron's soul. If Omnicron had a heart of darkness, then all Nexomon inherently have a heart of darkness. Omnicron warned Ulzar that his so-called Nexomon friends would inevitably betray him for as long as Omnicron's soul is left alive. Despite the truth revealed by Omnicron, Ulzar did not believe Omnicron's warnings. Ulzar cannot fathom his Nexomon friends and companions, the same Nexomon that fought and traveled with him, to ever betray him.

Ulzar would then be known as the First Nexolord and the Hero of Humanity. After Omnicron's defeat, Ulzar traveled to the Netherworld where he would create The Chasm where the souls of Omnicron and five of his children would forever be imprisoned, under the perpetual, watchful gaze of The Wardens.

During an unknown time, Omnicron's warnings would bear fruit. Despite being imprisoned in The Chasm in the Netherworld, the influence of Omnicron's soul was still enough to overcome the friendship that Ulzar shared with his Nexomon. The Nexomon's inherent heart of darkness surfaced, causing the Nexomon to turn against their human tamers. Not even the Nexolord was safe. Ulzar would die at the hands of his own Nexomon. </div>


During the events of the first Nexomon game, the current Nexolord held the entire world hostage under his power and control. The current Nexolord was guarded by four powerful Champions. Both the current Nexolord and his four Champions seemed to share an otherworldly and non-human nature, despite their human appearance. Under the current Nexolord's regime, human Overseers were appointed to each town and city to maintain the current Nexolord's control, carry out the current Nexolord's whims, and to root out any resistance against the current Nexolord's rule.

The current Nexolord's Overseers are, in order of their appearance in the protagonist's adventures:

  1. Ivan, Overseer of Parum Town.
  2. Remus, Overseer of the Mountain Village, and was also the former Nexolord preceding the current Nexolord.
  3. Ira, Overseer of Ignitia.
  4. Hilda, Overseer of the Phantom Citadel.
  5. Hendrick, secret Overseer of Palmaya Beach.
  6. Spencer, Overseer of Royalle City.
  7. Jack, Overseer of Solus Desert.
  8. Glacia, Overseer of the Frozen Tundra.

The only human settlement that was truly free from the control of any Overseer was the Hidden Village in Khan's Jungle.

During the protagonist's adventures, it was revealed that the current Nexolord was actually the seventh child of omnicron, Metta, in human form. Metta was planning to revive Omnicron with the help of the protagonist's parents who, unbeknownst to the protagonist, were the ones who secretly developed a Resurrection Device in their basement. It was also revealed that the four Champions were actually the other children of Omnicron in human forms. They were revived by the current Nexolord using the resurrection device. They are, in order of their appearance in the protagonist's adventures:

  1. Fenrir, the Champion of Fire, who was actually Fona of the Undying Fire, the third child of Omnicron.
  2. Nadine, the Champion of Wind, who was actually Ventra of the Almighty Tempest, the second child of Omnicron.
  3. Merida, the Champion of Water, who was actually Arqua of the Bottomless Oceans, the fifth child of Omnicron.
  4. Zetta, the Champion of Lightning, who was actually Luxa of the Blasting Lightning, the sixth child of Omnicron.

When the protagonist reached Solus Desert, the protagonist was too late in preventing the current Nexolord from resurrecting Grunda of the Earth, the first child of Omnicron. However, since Grunda was not yet at his full power due to being resurrected very recently, the protagonist was able to defeat Grunda. While the resurrection device was successful in resurrecting five of Omnicron's children, the resurrection device was not yet perfectly complete to be able to successfully resurrect Omnicron himself. The perfection of the resurrection device was the reason why the current Nexolord ordered the kidnapping of four scientists which included the protagonist's best friend, Ellie.

The protagonist would finally reach the Nexolord's Tower where he was greeted by a black apparition resembling Omnicron's form, beckoning him to reach the top of the tower for the fated duel between the strongest of the Nexomon versus the strongest of humanity.

Before the protagonist could reach the top of the Tower, the mysterious scientist appeared before him.

When the protagonist reached the top floor, he was greeted with a gruesome sight. Metta, Fona, Nadine, Merida, and Zetta were all gathered in front of the same black apparition that beckoned the protagonist at the entrance of the tower. Before Omnicron's children were the beaten bodies of the protagonist's allies. Such was the power of Omnicron's children that even the combined power of the former Overseers were no match for them. The five gathered children of Omnicron would then use their essence to complete Omnicron's resurrection into the human world. In what would be humanity's last stand, the protagonist and his allies faces off against a resurrected Omnicron.

Omnicron would first use the essence of Fona of the Undying Fire, but was defeated by the protagonist with the help of Remus and Ivan.

Omnicron would next use the essence of Arqua of the Bottomless Oceans, but was again defeated by the protagonist with the help of Jack and Ira.

Omnicron would then use the essence of Ventra of the Almighty Tempest, but was once again defeated by the protagonist with the help of Khan and Hilda.

Omnicron would now use the essence of Luxa of the Blasting Lightning, but was defeated yet again by the protagonist with the help of Ellie and Atlas.

After being defeated for the fourth time, Omnicron would finally use the essence of Metta, unlocking Omnicron's true form. Nonetheless, Omnicron was defeated for the fifth time with the power of friendship shared between the protagonist and his Nexomon companions.

After a hard fought battle, the protagonist and his allies successfully defeat Omnicron. The protagonist has proven that his bonds with his Nexomon companions were stronger than Omnicron's dark influence. With his defeat, Omnicron's soul was supposedly sent back to The Chasm in the Netherworld where it was to be re-sealed and guarded by The Wardens.

Having defeated Omnicron and his children, the protagonist became the new Nexolord. Part of the the new Nexolord's duties was to ensure that Omnicron would never threaten the human world again. Thus, the protagonist was tasked with going to the Netherworld to finally destroy Omnicron's Soul. The protagonist was transported into the Netherworld where he was met by a seemingly different Deena* who guides him through the Netherworld. The protagonist then encounters a literal barrier to his goal when he was prevented from traveling further into the Netherworld by a barrier that prevented Nexomon from going in or out of the Netherworld. Fortunately, the protagonist was aided by Miriam, who introduced herself as one of the Netherworld's mystics. Through Miriam's powers, the protagonist's Nexomon could undergo Rebirth which would not only allow them to pass through the barrier, but would also make them stronger at the cost of reverting the Nexomon back to their primary forms (back to Level 5 and initial evolution). The protagonist, now strengthened by his newly reborn Nexomon, successfully passes through the barrier and makes his way towards The Chasm.

But the protagonist would face another powerful foe in the form of Ziegler, a rogue Warden. Ziegler was dedicated in preventing the protagonist from reaching The Chasm. Out of options, the protagonist was forced to fight Ziegler. Unfortunately, Ziegler proved too powerful as the protagonist's entire Nexomon party was overpowered and wiped out by Ziegler (9999 HP). It was only thanks to Deena* that prevented Ziegler from further harming and capturing the protagonist. With Ziegler taken care of, the protagonist finally reaches The Chasm where Ulzar appears before him. Ulzar explain The Chasm's and the Wardens' history and purpose. The Chasm was the prison for omnicron and his children while the Wardens were the prison's guardians. Ulzar warns the protagonist that fighting all of the Wardens at the same time would be too much. The protagonist would need to fight the Wardens one by one if they would enter Omnicron's prison safely.

Following Ulzar's instructions, the protagonist was successful in defeating all of the Wardens in The Chasm. In a turn of events, it was revealed that all this time, the protagonist was actually stuck in a Nightmare world created by the Wardens (hypothetically, by Ziegler himself). It was revealed that after the protagonist's victory against Omnicron atop the Nexolord's Tower, the protagonist rushed to the Netherworld to finally destroy Omnicron's soul. Unfortunately, Omnicron's soul was too powerful. The protagonist was defeated and was himself imprisoned in a Nightmare world of his own while Omnicron's soul escaped and returned to the human world to finally wreak havoc and destruction upon the humans.

Upon the protagonist's escape from his Nightmare and from the Netherworld, he arrived at a devastated Parum Town. Omnicron had begun his quest for humanity's destruction. Omnicron's efforts were only slowed down by the combined forces of Nexomon Tamers who gathered from around the world, the entire NexoGuard, remnants of the former Nexolord's minions, and the former Overseers, all led by Remus. While this coalition was not powerful enough to defeat Omnicron again, it bought sufficient time to rescue the protagonist from the Netherworld. The protagonist and Omnicron would battle each other once again at the former site of Ivan's gym, now reduced to ruins and was now the temporary resting place of Omnicron as he awaits the arrival of his human rival.

When the protagonist arrived, he was greeted by the sight of Remus and the Overseers' defeated bodies. Omnicron was nigh unstoppable. Omnicron tells the protagonist that before he would destroy the rest of the human world, he must first enact his revenge. Omnicron's revenge upon humanity would not be complete without first defeating the same human who defeated him atop the Nexolord's tower. Omnicron must defeat the protagonist once and for all.

Despite using his full might and power (9999 HP), Omnicron was once again defeated by the protagonist. The protagonist's bonds proved to overpower even the darkest influence of Omnicron upon all Nexomon's hearts and souls. In what seems to be a vision, a defeated Omnicron reminded the protagonist of what he must do to finally defeat him once and for all. The protagonist now faced the same choice and burden as Ulzar once did when he defeated omnicron for the first time. Omnicron told the protagonist that in order to stop him from being resurrected again, his soul must be destroyed once and for all. But the cost of destroying Omnicron's soul would prove to be too expensive a price. Destroying Omnicron's soul would cause the Nexomon's extinction.

Despite the protagonist's misgivings over the fate of the Nexomon, Miriam and Deena encouraged the protagonist to do what must be done. Omnicron's soul was finally destroyed. And with the destruction of Omnicron's soul, the extinction of all Nexomon has been guaranteed.

Nexomon Extinction[]

Gameplay / Ingame[]



After finishing the Netherworld story arc and finally destroying Omnicron's soul, Omnicron can now be encountered as a Level 60 roaming Nexomon.

A reborn Omnicron encounter in the Netherworld.

A reborn omnicron encounter in the Netherworld.

Omnicron can be encountered both in the Human World and in the Netherworld. When the encounter is in the Netherworld, Omnicron is already in his reborn form.

It is recommended that the player use a Golden Nexotrap to capture Omnicron to eliminate the risk of accidentally one-shotting Omnicron, defeating him in battle, or Omnicron defeating the player's entire party.


1 SCRATCH NORMAL 100 30 5 Scratch your opponent. A normal attack.
2 BITE NORMAL 100 35 6 Bite your opponent causing a great deal of damage and pain.
6 EMP ELECTRIC 90 95 20 The ultimate electrical attack. A powerful electromagnetic bomb.
8 HEAVY MONSOON WIND 90 95 20 The ultimate wind skill. A set of turbulent winds that cuts any enemy down.
10 THORN PIT PLANT 90 95 20 The ultimate plant attack. Feel the wrath of mother nature.
13 METEOR RAIN MINERAL 90 95 20 The ultimate mineral skill. A continuous and vicious attack from outer space.
18 TIDAL RAGE WATER 90 95 20 The ultimate water skill. A relentless attack from the ocean.
26 SOLAR FLARE FIRE 90 95 20 The ultimate fire skill. The power of a star.
31 BARRIER NORMAL 100 0 10 A powerful barrier that protects any Nexomon from one attack.
36 HEALING WATER WATER 100 0 15 Magical water that will heal the wounds of any Nexomon.
42 GLARE NORMAL 40 0 5 An intimidating glare that stops your opponents from moving.
50 DISRUPTION RAY NORMAL 90 100 25 The most powerful energy based attack yet. Obliterate everything on your way.


He has elements of several Pokémon characters:

  • His canine appearance resembles Suicune, Zacian, and Zamazenta;
  • His red "streamers" resemble those seen on Suicune;
  • His golden, spiky crests resemble the golden cross-like wheel seen on Arceus;
  • His blue color and red tail are similar to those seen on Zacian;
  • His tail resembles that of Zoroark; and
  • His personality and hatred of humanity are very similar to Mewtwo, who also had a deep hatred of humanity and vowed to destroy it.