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Platyfoo is an Normal-type Nexomon that does not evolve.


Platyfoo can be found in routes 48, 71, 73, 74, 102, & 103.


Type Skill Description Level Unlocked Cost (ST)
Normal Scratch Scratch your opponent. A normal attack 1 5
Normal Slam Slam your opponent to the ground using this attack 3 12
Water Splash A fast and reliable water based attack 4 7
Normal Sleep Cast a sleeping on your opponents 7 5
Water Wave Invoke a powerful wave that will impact directly your opponent 12 9
Normal Curl Nexomon adopts a defensive stance taking less damage from attacks 17 5
Water Ice Assult A relentless attack with icicles. Freezes opponent 20 11
Normal Swift Make your Nexomon move quicker increasing it's chance to evade attacks 24 6
Water Hydro Sphere A powerful sphere of water that explodes on your opponent 30 13
Normal Hymn of Healing A song from ancient times. This skill heals Nexomon 36 14


It resembles the Pokémon character Psyduck.


Platyfoo is based on a platypus.

Name Origin[]

Platyfoo is a combination of platypus and kung-fu.