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Shashock is an Electric-type Nexomon that does not evolve.


Type Skill Description Level Learned Cost (ST)
Normal Scratch Scratch your opponent. A normal attack. - 5 ST
Electric Thunder Invoke a thunder strike on your opponent's location. - 7 ST
Normal Intimidate Intimidate your opponents making them unwilling to move. - 8 ST
Electric Pulse Shot Shoots an electrical blast at your opponent. - 8 ST
Normal Swift Makes your Nexomon move quicker increasing it's chance to evade attacks. - 6 ST
Electric Zapping Shock A powerful and fast electrical attack. - 13 ST
Normal Spinning Attack Spin your opponent until they get dizzy and confused. - 12 ST
Electric Electric Torrent Cast a high voltage torrent of electricity on your opponent. - 11 ST
Normal Battle Roar A powerful battle cry that empowers your Nexomon with strength. - 5 ST
Electric Emp The ultimate electrical attack. A powerful electromagnetic bomb. - 20 ST



Shashock is based on a Sphinx and possibly other being of Egyptian mythology.