Nexomon Wiki

Basic Information[]

Spink is a Plant-type Nexomon that evolves into Vivizard at level 35 and into Prismazor at level 47.


Type Skill Description Level


Cost (ST)
Normal Scratch Scratch your opponent. A normal attack. 0 5
Plant Thorns Shoot multiple piercing thorns to your opponent. 0 8
Plant Binding Roots Invoke powerful roots that will attack any Nexomon opponent. 6 9
Plant Leaf Dance An attack that uses razor sharp leaves 7 11
Normal Slash A Powerful and reliable basic attack 11 13
Normal Energy Blast Cast a focused blast of energy on your opponent to deal great damage 16 15
Normal Glare An intimidating glare that stopes opponent from moving 21 5
Plant Vine Attack A relentless attack that attaches thick vines to your oppponent and restricts their movement. 22 8
Normal Drill Pierce through opponents defenses with a drill. 30 10
Plant Poisonous


A poisonous attack that reduces your opponent's HP little by little. 35 11
Normal Meditate Increases elemental power of your Nexomon 44 5
Plant Thorn Pit The ultimate plant attack. Feel the wrath of mother nature. 51 20