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Did you know? Master this chart to gain a significant competitive advantage over your opponents! Note: Normal is a neutral type.

Types are the elements that Nexomon's powers, defensive properties and appearances are based around. There are 9 known types of Nexomon: Fire, Water, Plant, Electric, Mineral, Wind, Psychic, Ghost and Normal type.

Type Advantage[]

  • Fire: Strong against wind, plant, and ghost types.
    • Weaknesses – water and mineral
  • Water: Strong against fire, mineral and ghost types.
    • Weaknesses – plant and electric
  • Electric: Strong against water, wind and psychic types.
    • Weaknesses – mineral and plant
  • Plant: Strong against electric, water and psychic types.
    • Weaknesses – wind and fire
  • Mineral: Strong against electric and fire types.
    • Weaknesses – wind and water
  • Wind: Strong against mineral and plant types.
    • Weaknesses – electric and fire
  • Psychic: Strong against normal, electric and ghost types.
    • Weaknesses – mineral and psychic
  • Ghost: Strong against normal, wind and psychic types.
    • Weaknesses – water and fire
  • Normal: Has no strengths against any type.
    • Weaknesses – psychic and ghost

Nexomon moves do not strictly adhere to their respective type, and can therein learn moves of other elements.
Read more about Moves here.
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Fire Types[]

Water Types[]

Electric Types[]

Plant Types[]

Mineral Types[]

Wind Types[]

Psychic Types[]

Ghost Types[]

Normal Types[]